1,Place:8-10 Junka 1-chome, FUKUI,TEL :(0776)-22-5310
   10 minutes' walk from Fukui Station

2,The purpose of the establishment

For the purpose of making contributions to promotion of textile industry, we try to evolve management of textile distribution system and business companies. At present textile business companies join our society not only in Fukui pref. but also outside of Fukui.


Fukui Kenjin Kinuorimonosho Organization was founded.
Reorganized Fukui Genshi Seni Oroshisho Organization.
Fukui Textile Club Was Founded to manage Fukui Seni Kaikan. Fukui Genshi Seni Oroshisho Organization and Fukui Textile Club were merged into Fukui Textile Merchants Association, as a central distribution window of Fukui.

4,Introduction of chairpersons ever

Fukui Genshi Seni Oroshisho Organization
First,Second,Third,4th,9th,10th,11th and 12th Chairman

Choji Fujiwara[HIRONEN CO., LTD.]
Fukui Genshi Seni Oroshisho Organization
5th,6th,7th and 8th Chairman
Fukui Textile Club
First,Second and Third Chairman
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
First, Second, Third, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Chairman

Kitaro Kumazawa[KUMZAWA SHOJI CO., LTD.]
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
8th,9th,10th,11th and 12th Chairman

Takashi Fujiwara[HIRONEN CO., LTD.]
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
13th,14th,15th,16th,17th,18th and 19th Chairman

Hiroyasu Ninomiya[KYOKUYO SANGYO CO., LTD.]
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
20th Chairman

Kihachiro Kumazawa
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
21th,22th and 23th Chairman

Koichi Fujiwara[HIRONEN CO., LTD.]
Fukui Textile Merchants Association
24th,25th,26th,27th and 28th Chairman

5,Organization system of management

(1)Executive 20 people-------term of office is 2 years
Chairman----------Kazuyoshi Sakai [MATSUMI CO., LTD.]
Vice Chairman-----Shigeru Hataoka [HATAOKA CO., LTD.]
Vice Chairman-----Hidehiro Hirose [FUKUHIRO CO., LTD.]
Vice Chairman-----Shoji Tsubouchi [TUBOUTI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.]
Managing Director-----Norio Mizunami [FUKUI TEXTILE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION]

Directors 18 people.

Akihiro Arai [ARAI CO., LTD.]
Takashi Ise [Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation Hokuriku Branch]
Kyosuke Iwasa [YAGI & CO.,LTD. FUKUI BRANCH]
Toshimi Kimura [TOMITA SHOJI CO., LTD.]
Kihatiro Kumazawa [KUMAZAWA SHOJI CO., LTD.]
Kiyokatsu Kobayashi [TS TOYO CO., LTD.]
Yoshinobu Nakamura [NAKAKEN SYOTEN CO., LTD.]
Kazushige Tajima [MITASHOJI CO., LTD.]
Kazuyoshi Sakai [MATSUMI CO., LTD.]
Tsukasa Shimizu [SIMIZU SENSHO CO., LTD.]
Takayuki Tsuchida [TSUCHIDA SYOTEN CO., LTD.]
Shoji Tsubouchi [TUBOUTI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.]
Shozo Nishide [NISHIDE & CO., LTD.]
Shigeru Hataoka [HATAOKA COMPANY]
Hidehiro Hirose [FUKUHIRO CO., LTD.]
Koichi Fujiwara [HIRONEN CO., LTD.]

Inspectors 2 people.
Shoichi Dogoshi [NISSO CO., LTD.]
Yutaka Suzuki [GSI CREOS CO., LTD.]

(2)Organization Chart

Lower branch------Sanmoto Management Society,Aobakai

6,Main enterprises of the society

(1) Introductions of suitable business companies according to demands and requests from domestically and abroad.

(2) As medium between government office and other organizations, various kinds of noticing subjects, statistical materials, survey date and subsidy enterprise.

(3) Activities of group
Three groups (Corporate management, Marketing and Silk) lecture meeting, exchange information meeting and training enterprise.

(4) Friendship enterprise among each members:
Promotion of health and mutual exchange.
Raising each members' awareness of friendship and solidarity.

(5)Computer information activities:
Receiving and transmitting of information's by using computer connected to internet.
Collaboration by bulletin board among members by using computer connected to internet.

(6)Opening, giving and managing of buildings to have lecture meetings and assembles to local community.