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Name Adress Telephone Features
Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation Hokuriku Branch 5th floor, Meiji Yasuda Seimei Fukui Bldg. 2-7-15 Ote, Fukui-city, Fukui Prefecture +81-776-22-0120
Bemberg TM, rayon, Roika TM, compound synthetic fiber yarns as well as of synthetic fiber woven such as nylon, of woven or knitted fabric manufacturing and processing, sale. detail
Araisyoji Co., Ltd. 3-5-29 Oomiya Fukui city +81-776-21-4732 Making and selling special jaguared clothes.
ARAI & Co., Ltd. 1-42-4 Bunkyo Fukui city +81-776-24-0630 Goods that our company deals with are:
・Silk cloth (made 100% silk of cloth)
・FUKUHIME mark, soft silk brand
・Back clothes of body (for Japanese style)
・scarves, neckties and almost of white clothes (for Western style)
ESUKEI SHOJI.CO 85-44 Wadanaka Fukui city +81-776-21-3334 Selling velvet the chemical synthetic fiber clothes. detail
Owaki Manzo Syoten Co., Ltd. 4-7-2 Hoei, Fukui-city, Fukui Prefecture +81-776-23-2273 ・ Manufacture and sale of silk thread for natural sizing agent(seaweed funori)
・ Sale of synthetic fiber for sizing agent
・ Sale of various industrial materials
ORIWA SHOJI Co., Ltd. 1-501-1 Takagichuo Fukui city +81-776-53-1553 Our company ship chemical and synthetic fiber textile to domesticall and foreign countries. We are good at thin clothes and twist yarns.
KUMZAWA SHOJI Co., Ltd. 1-9-7 Junka Fukui city +81-776-23-1872 (1)We are planning, selling and making chemical combination textiles and natural combinatin textile woven clothes based on tri-acetate.
(2)Selling the luxury women's clothes to domestically and abroad.
(3)Selling and making Japanese style clothes.
GSI CREOS,Corpotration Senkyo build 7th F
3-7-1 Ote Fukui city

We are specialty business company deals mainly with textiles.
We cover all from fiber materials to fashion goods and deliver the measurement equipments of in midair float germ to the testrooms of universities and the food makers.
And we also launch into nano-technology in these days, sale "the carbonnano tube".

K-Line Co., Ltd. 12-1-1 Noka Imadate-cho, Imadate-gun1 +81-778-42-3722


Including clothing, sports, inner, synthetic leather, textile supplies textile trading company to a multi-industry, such as the automotive sector. Shanghai not only in Japan, Bangkok of the local corporation, Taipei, in cooperation with overseas offices of Milan, we have established a system that can supply the textile globally.

Sanki Fablic Co., Ltd. 1-1001 Enzan Fukui city +81-776-54-9761   detail
CIP TX 31-406 Yatsushima Fukui city +81-776-25-5060 We are making goods discriminated personality. detail
ShimizuSensyo Co., Ltd. 2408 Seiwa Fukui city +81-776-21-1381

We lay stress on rayon textiles

SHINYEI KAISHA Fukuikensenioroshishokaikan build 4th F
1-8-10 Junka Fukui city

Textile raw materials, planning of the dough products and miscellaneous goods, production, sale, any business related import and export and incidental

TEXTILE SENDA Co., Ltd. 2-408 Toumyouji Fukui city +81-776-27-5000 We are very active as a speciality business company in providing materials of clothes for bags and sacks.

Takayama Co., Ltd. 1-6-5 Junka Fukui city +81-776-21-6211    
Tanaka Tomekichi Shoten 1-9-18 Junka Fukui city +81-776-23-0160 We are buying and selling to the synthetic fiber textile yarns and imported yarns to all makers. detail
TSUCHIDA SYOTEN Co., Ltd. 4-504 Tonya Fukui city +81-776-21-3636 Our company's main goods are Jagurded woven clothes.
We respond your orders by the consintent system.
TUBOUTI INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. 4-11-10 Matsumoto Fukui +81-776-22-3434

We sell and make Japanese style woven textiles and the curtains.

TS TOYO Co., Ltd. 43-15 TABATA HARUE-CHO, SAKAI-SHI, FUKUI, JAPAN +81-776-51-1855
TOUGOU SHOUTEN Co., Ltd. 1-14-31 Joto Fukui city +81-776-23-3025 We are making and selling ladies' clothes. detail
TOHO Co., Ltd. 3-2207 Geba Fukui city +81-776-33-1651 We dye and print the plain clothes of ladies(from the young to olds)
TOMITA SHOJI Co., Ltd. 1-1235 Seiwa Fukui city +81-776-24-7158 We are planning, making and selling the jaguared and the unique satin clothes by chemical and synthetic fibers. detail
NAKAKEN SHOTEN Co., Ltd. 1-2101-1 Seiwa Fukui city +81-776-24-2462 We are exporting the folk costumes to the Near and Middle East.
We are also making and selling young casuals and ladies' clothes.
Nishide & Co., Ltd. 1-1507 Seiwa Fukui city +81-776-24-6521 We are making and selling the various woven textiles, velvets and rassel laces.
We respond to your orders whether export or domestic.
NISSOU Co., Ltd. 8-130-1 iizukacho Fukui city +81-776-34-7288 Sell textiles for interior decoration.
Manufacture and sell curtains.
HATAOKA COMPANY 3-6-7 Ote Fukui city +81-776-26-3131 We are planning making and selling especially luxuly ladies' textiles.
As regars the mixed tri-acetate、di-acetate, our company has history
of more than 40 years.
Hayashida Co., Ltd. 25-1 Aramachi maruokacho Sakaigun +81-776-66-0897    
HIKARII SHOJI CORPORATION 4-21-10 Miyuki Fukui city +81-776-24-3111 We are the sanmoto-wholesaler company dealing with the chemical mixed textile clothes
(ex:B/B, rayon,acetate cotton, ester), the dobby materials(for bag, doles, flags etc), the materials for the industry.
HIRONEN Co., Ltd. 2-12-1 Junka Fukui city +81-776-20-2500 We are selling the chemical combination textile yarns of polyester、Nylon,triacetate、acetate and rayon.
We are also making mixed woven clothes for domestic and abroad.
FUKUI YAMAMOTO Co., Ltd. 1-2201 Seiwa Fukui city +81-776-26-5060 We have done business in the synthetic textiles since 1960, and expanded in field of clothes.
Also we have done business in the field of life materials based on
the woven clothes since around 1980, now our sales became more than 50%.
We found a new market China in the field of the woven clothes in 1995, it has been becoming the big pillar to our company.
FUKUHIRO Co., Ltd. 1-1810 Wadanaka Fukui city +81-776-22-1515 We have consistent system of making and selling of the woven clothes of acetate and polyester,
the material clothes and the woven clothes of the chemical and synthetic fiber textiles.
We are responding to making of various materials goods and
developing to sell the natural textiles, the mixed chemical textoles, filament yarns
and so on to domestic Japan and abroad.
HOKUYU Co., Ltd. 1-43 Matsushiro Fukui city +81-776-54-0444 The conberter of the chemical combination textiled woven clothes. detail
Maegawa Shoten 3-12-15 Nishikida Fukui City +81-776-34-0050
Matsumi Co., Ltd. 2-10-22 Keya Fukui city +81-776-34-1200   detail
Mita Shoji Co., Ltd. 3-8-5 Keya Fukui city +81-776-35-1080    
Meirin Seni Co., Ltd. 3-11-30 Kentoku Fukui city +81-776-24-8053   detail
YAGI & Co., Ltd.
1-8-10 Junka Fukui city +81-776-21-3618

(1)Because our company is doing business with all of the makers of synthetic figer textiles and the spinning company, we can sell various kinds of yarns.
(2)We are selling twisted yarns,temporativtwist,sizing,dyeing processed la
ces etc.
(3)We are making and selling ladies' clothing.
We especially strengthen sales of raw clothes at Tokyo.

YAMADA SHOTEN Ltd. 2-3501-2 Takagi Chuo Fukui city +81-776-53-3931 Planning, development and sales of synthetic textile. detail
S.YOSHIMURA Co., Ltd. 1-3-9 Haruyama Fukui city +81-776-23-1917 We are dealing with the first dyeing woven clothes of polyester,nylon,
long fibers and natural fibers(cotton and silk)
These occupies 60-70% of our share.
Also we are selling various kinds of clothes for ladies, sports and materials.
We are responding to fashionable textiles with the development of new goods by the consistent system.