1,History of the "HOME" FUKUI
Fukui is familiar with textile.
It is recorded that Echizen country was told production of silk textile in the literature called "Shoku-Nihonsyoki".
Since Hideyasu Matsudaira, who was a first governor of Fukui,had attempted improvement of quality, growth of dyework technical experts and expandind of sales promotion, Fukui have gained fame in silk textile industry.The history of modarenization is

(1)Meiji period`Taisho period-----silk
(2)the early years of Showa period-----rayon
(3)30s of showa period-----nylon
(4)40s of showa period-----polyester
after the above period, we have produced some advanced textiles,for example new mixed textile, in successuon

The origin of the word "sanmoto" business company come from "sanchimotouri" means selling goods at place where the goods was made. They put their office in Fukui as 'base' where is famous for the home of chemical textile .
They do not only export goods to foreign country but aslo receive orders from domestic companies, makers of original yarns,wholesale stores and fashon business, arrange yarns of woven cloth and knitting and nmanufacture goods for sale.
Futher to say, they also gather infoemation by themselves, plan new products and sale goods to dommestically and abroad by their own risk.

‚RCManufacturing Process of Textile